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Interior architect, graduated from the Politecnico di Milano and enrolled in the register of architects of Bergamo, passionate about architectural visualization and graphics.


I obtained a master's degree in modeling and architectural visualization for the software Cinema 4d and Vray, the "Archviz 6 Days Full Immersion", through which I was able to professionally deepen my passion for three-dimensional vision and learn new techniques of approach to architectural design.


I worked for two years at an architectural studio in Bergamo, approaching the world of construction at 360 °, dealing with 3d modeling, design of preliminary, final and executive, customer management in the customization of their home.


I collaborate with several colleagues as external support for the realization of photorealistic images for municipal practices, sale to private individuals or feasibility study of a project. I also collaborate with them for the realization of architectural projects and practices of various kinds.


My passion for graphics led me to collaborate with the main newspaper of the city of Bergamo, L'Eco di Bergamo, creating for them the infographics to complete the articles, both on paper and online.


I was also involved in the creation of several websites, for professionals and companies, taking care of both the web design of the site and its programming.


‚ÄčDaniele Toresani Architetto

Albo degli Architetti di Bergamo - matr.7323


Via Giacomo Leopardi, 4

24127 Bergamo -BG- Italy



P.IVA _ 04278970167